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Technology and Innovations

At Wall2Wall we apply our capabilities in software and remote sensing to create solutions to pressing environmental and social challenges.  Our expertise is wide-ranging and our commercial projects/products include low-cost, real-time environmental monitoring systems, and mobile apps that enhance social interaction and economic development.  


Global Sports Management - Maximizing Opportunity

Rather than just maximizing short-term revenue, our philosophy is to maximize life-long opportunity for our clients!  This is key to our approach with Wall2Wall Management, our new sports management division.  Alongside first-class advocacy and negotiations, we also support our clients to pursue academic/educational courses and degree programs that will enable them to continue to excel beyond their competition years. 

About Us

Our mission is to grow the economic and social well-being of individuals and communities by providing access to leading-edge technologies and creating global opportunities.

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… the Civil War walking tour app lets people GPS themselves in Wheeling, and walk to Civil War points of interest around the City...

Jeremy Morris, Director, Wheeling Nation…

the “app not only helps visitors explore Wheeling, but also inform residents of new and exciting events .. It’s a truly innovative way to introduce Wheeling to the world."

Frank O'Brien, Director of Wheeling CVB